Media Ministry

Mission Statement:

The mission of our Media Ministry is to move the message of God’s grace and power to save into the world in support of Evangel Church of God’s purpose to reach the lost with the message of Christ.

Media Team:  Allan Gunter, Paula Foran, Alex Jewett, Matt Gunter

Media ministers work behind the scenes to make it possible to share the message of our church through amplified sound, recordings, presentations, Web pages and other forms of communication.

The media ministry team is responsible for technical functions of our congregation,  serving the church by providing comprehensive media services for church events. Church events can include Sunday morning worship, special services, youth events, festivals, congregational meetings and other gatherings.

The media ministry team has a wide variety of responsibilities. Each team member’s job is first and foremost to exalt Christ.  During worship services, they run the sound board for the worship team and speakers; set up all of the necessary equipment and ensure that it will run smoothly; tape and distribute audio or video recordings of the sermon; update entire church website and other social media; take photos.  Through Social Media, our Media Ministry members provide others the tools and resources they need for spiritual growth. By connecting people together, facilitating to help those in our church to engage and come together toward a common mission and objectives.

If you would are interested in participating in any aspect of our Media Ministry, please complete the form below: